Snowy chestnut in Tennessee

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Image 1) The American chestnut backcross orchard at the Reflection Riding Arboretum in Chattanooga includes several handsome trees, including some grown from the 2004 cross TNCLA-2 x AB39 that have particularly nice form. 

Image 2) The snow cover in winter allows us to view the tree form of our hybrids better than at almost any other time of year.  These F1 hybrids at the Reflection Riding Arboretum in Chattanooga include some very vigorous and well-formed plants grown from crosses of American x Chinese and American x Japanese trees.

Image 3) Advanced backcross chestnut orchard in Williamson County. The trees in the foreground were directly seeded in the spring of 2014. Visible to the left are larger chestnut trees selected from a 2005 planting. Pollen from these trees was collected last spring and used to selectively pollinate trees in other chestnut orchards in Tennessee to advance the breeding program, with the ultimate goal of producing a blight resistant American chestnut type tree with full blight resistance, adapted to the forests of Tennessee. Raptor perches to the left and right in the background encourage visits by hawks and owls to assist with rodent control. The eight foot tall fence keeps deer at bay.

photo credits: Image 1 & 2 - Dr. Hill Craddock; Image 3 - Dr. Greg Weaver

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