Selection and rogueing at the Sam McInturff's backcross orchard

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On Monday, 19 May 2014, volunteers from the Tennessee Chapter completed a second round of selection and rogueing at the Sam McInturff backcross orchard (Sam's Orchard 2). This six-family, 600-tree orchard was planted in 2007 by the direct-seed method. The trees were inoculated in 2012 and the first thinning was in 2013. At this point, most for the original trees have been removed. The remaining trees look good and it looks like we will get at least one very good tree tree per family!  Sam's Orchard 2 is now ready for pollination.  Because all of the selected trees have been screened for blight resistance and for American-type physical characters, the open-pollinated seeds can be used to plant our Tennessee Seed Orchard (these will be B3F2s and B4F2s).

submitted by Dr. Hill Craddock

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