Out on a limb for chestnut restoration

About This Photo

Longtime TN-TACF member and avid tree climber Jack Torkelson risked life and limb recently to climb a very tall American chestnut in a wooded area close to Crossville, TN. After a difficult climb up the tree, Jack was able to snip off a substantial number of pollen ladened catkins with his pole pruner.  Unfortunately, applying pollen to the female flowers was out of the question because they were at the very top of the tree and reaching them would have been very difficult and dangerous.

People in the photos:  The people in the photos include: Jack Torkelson (red shirt), John Rife (black shirt), Joe Schibig (blue shirt), and Nancy Hazel (pink shirt).

Photos taken by Don Hazel. Content contributed by Joe Schibig and Don Hazel.

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